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  • Welcome to the RunnerDuck Blog

    We use to publish a monthly newsletter but decided to step up and do a blog instead. Just like our newsletter we will update this "newsletter" about once a month.
    Each month we bring you news from our little town of Coupeville, WA and happenings around the island we live on.
    We hope you enjoy our blog and we'd encourage you to sign up for email notification since it doesn't update all that frequently.
    Ken and Marilyn


Welcome to our fun little world called RunnerDuck. We have a great web site and we publish this blog which covers a lot of ground and has a little something for everyone. We hope you enjoy our efforts and will come back often.

Be sure an visit our web site www.runnerduck.com there is a lot to see and enjoy.


Ken and Marilyn

16 Responses

  1. Hey, a blog is a great idea. We did one when we went on vacation out west last July and had a lot of friends and family following our adventure.

  2. You had me worried for a minute! Sure, I’ll read the blog instead. Great idea!

  3. Winter is on its way, in a coulpe of months . So now I will have time to play with wood, sort of.

  4. I just wanted to leave you a note to say that I really enjoy your website/ blog! I got my first saw (radial arm saw) last year for Christmas, and immediately tested it on your liscence plate bird house. I have the trellis mostly done too, but cold set in rather suddenly here in Indiana, so it’s in the garage waiting for spring.

    This year I got a jigsaw, so I had to go back and save all the plans with curves!

    So thanks again for all the great free plans and ideas. I can’t wait to see more!

  5. Where can I get (reed)? I want to make a Picture book.

    • We had some lying around so didn’t have to buy any. I think you should be able to find some using Google search for “basket weaving” or “cane chairs”. I believe the reed they use around the edge of cane chairs might work. Sorry I’m not more help.

  6. Hi Ken

    I just received this link showing a magnificent tool chest… I immediately thought of you …


    Regards, Dave

  7. i just have to say this website is so refreshing to find , i have looked for days to find instructions free of charge to build a small water wheel for my koi pond. this is the ONLY site i have found where people are willing to help free of charge. i love the projects, i have bookmarked several of them to try, i am not very experienced but i love to try. i love this website and was just wondering if you would be able to instruct me on a small waterwheel about 2 ft in diameter to add to my koi pond, i dont need anything elaborate just something pretty for my pond, please help if you can , thanks a lot

  8. Hi, we’re following your plan to make a cold frame but we’re really struggling to find any structured polycarbonate panels around here. I’ve looked on line and seen a price of over 200$! for one!

    Any suggestions?
    Elizabeth Collie, Rhode Island

  9. Hi I have just started trying to build your greenhouse for my wife. I think your projects are awesome. The only thing I wish you had were more detailed plans especially the greenhouse. Thank you for the pictures. We love the greenhouse.

    • I’m sorry about the lack of detail but I just documented things as I built them and didn’t have a lot of time to go back and write detailed instructions with better drawings.
      Thanks for the compliment and I hope your greenhouse turns out as good as mine.

  10. I am making some stilts for nephew.. Thank you for the plans. I do however have a question. I can not find any cane tips larger than 1″.. I have checked on line as well… can you please send me an email to wildwestwishes@aol.com and let me know where you found the 1 1/2 inc tips.. Thank you Lisa Carden

  11. Hi, for the spice rack project, where did you get slides?

    • It’s been a long time since I built them but I think I either got them from Home Depot or Rockler. They are just side mount drawer slices with ball bearings. I hope that helps.

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