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    Each month we bring you news from our little town of Coupeville, WA and happenings around the island we live on.
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    Ken and Marilyn


Hi everyone, I know it’s been a long time since we last wrote but we’ve been busy enjoying life but not sharing much.

We’ve done a bunch of remodeling on our house and yard. It’s amazing how much time something like that can burn.

Ken does walk six to ten miles each weekday morning and has started taking lots of pictures and an interest in the history of our town and area. Coupeville has a lot of history from the time it was established in 1853. Whidbey Island and the Ebey Reserve also have a rich history.

Rather than share those photos and stories in this blog we’ve created a new one. We will keep this blog alive but will mostly use it for our travelogues as we have in the past.

We would like to encourage you to check out our new blog, “Coupeville Impressions” at www.coupevilleimpressions.com. If you like what you see and are interested in what goes on in our beautiful island town please sign up to receive email notifications on that web site. We also would like to encourage you to share our blogs on Facebook. We’re sure you have a lot of friends who would like to visit our island paradise.

Thanks for following us and we look forward to hearing from you as you have commented in the past.

Best regards, Ken and Marilyn

2 Responses

  1. HELLO; I have been a runnerduck fan for some time.i liked the jokes.friends of the ours had come by last night he had been working close to copevillie.when i said i knew of runnerduck there. he said they had been there. we live in Ashland,Ky.you was real close to our house a year or so ago when you was on vacation,when you left W.VA.in to KY.when you took the picture of the large white oil tanks, we live within 10 miles. SMALL WORLD. Don H.

  2. love your site. but in all fairness I want to say to everyone. before spending a lot of money on materials to build something, check & dbl. check measurements first. I am an avid woodworker and seen the plans of Gary Mastoliers waterwheel, which is very nice, decided to make a three ft. to power my pond. grabbed some scrape plywood in the shop to test build before spending money & garys measurements are off. if you use his top measurement of 7in. you end up with a 14 1/2 wheel, if you use his bottom of 4 11/16 you have a 23 3/8 wheel. I am going to build a 3ft. water wheel,with a power inverter, garage door opener motor & gear reduction to power my pond pumps. I will be more then happy to take pics. step by step measurements & patterns so if anyone else would like to take there pond off grid.again I love your site for ideas.

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