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    Ken and Marilyn

Day 15 – Home Again, Home Again

Well we’re back home after a wonderful two weeks to Glacier National Park and back. We had a great time and the weather cooperated much better than last year on our long trip around the United States where it was the hottest summer in history.

One thing that always amazes us during our trip home through Washington State is questioning ourselves as to why we ever left. Glacier Park was beautiful but not as beautiful as our own Cascade Mountains. We drove home on the North Cascades Pass Highway and the following pictures are a testament to the beauty of our state. These were taken at different stops along the highway, just imagine what it’s like if you get off the beaten path and go explore the parks along the way.

Marilyn just had to carve our initials in a snow bank.

Here’s the snow bank.


We stopped for a cup of coffee and what a great place to stop!

Some more scenic wonder!

On the way you pass several dams and here’s Ross Dam


We arrived home and as always, despite a wonderful trip, there’s no place like home!


One of the main reason’s home looked so good is because of the excellent job Marilyn’s sister Susie did house sitting for us while we were gone. Thanks Susie for a great vacation. Marilyn on the left Susie the right.


Oh yeah, Ms. Kitty Kitty was excited to see us as well. Nothing like a pet to welcome you home.

Thank you all for traveling with us and we hope to do it again soon. Till then we’ll try to do a better job of keeping you up to date with our blog. Or you can follow us on Facebook.




4 Responses

  1. Thanks to both of you for sharing your vacation with us. I really enjoyed it.
    I have a question? Do you have bears where you live, that come visit? It looks like electric cable right behind the picture of Marilyn and her sister… just curious….
    Thanks again, Betty in VA.

    • Hi Betty, we’re glad you enjoyed our trip and were along for the ride.
      The pictures is a bit deceiving, The vertical piece is actually a plant and the horizontal piece with the yellow thing is the power cord running on the ground out to our trailer.
      We have many deer, raccoon’s, heron and other wildlife but no bears and we like it that way!

  2. Hi Marilyn and Ken, I love travel and have done my bit of it, but age and bad health has put a stop to it. Your trips are most interesting, and I look forward to your next foray into the beatuful countryside.
    Best of luck, Knut Brisbane.

  3. Great photos…felt like I was on the trip. Have followed your “Runner Duck” for years. Loved it. Welcome home! (Even though I am in Alaska!).

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