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    Ken and Marilyn

Day 14 – The Old West

Yesterday we went to the old west style town of Winthrop, Washington after a lazy get up to a beautiful morning. There are two state campgrounds on the other side of the lake that we drove over to check out and they are very nice and full. Here’s a picture from Pearrygin West campground looking at our campground, our trailer is just right of middle, nice.

Winthrop is a great little town that is completely done in the old west style. You really feel like you are walking back in time and many of the old buildings feel that way inside as well. Here are a couple of pictures of main street.


They have several nice restaurants and outdoor eating areas. Here’s one nice spot which gave new meaning to “saddling up to the bar”.

I think Ken was waiting for Marilyn to bring him a beer.

The town is only two blocks long so it doesn’t take a long time to see everything.

We went back to camp and watched another big thunderstorm roll through with lightning, thunder, rain and wind. The wind was strong enough to blow many of the big water toys that they tow behind boats way up into the campground where one of them hit our trailer. Then the power went out for about three hours.

All in all a nice fun day with an exciting ending. This morning all is grand again with plenty of sunshine.

We leave for home today wrapping up a wonderful two week trip. We’ll wrap things up tomorrow morning when we are home safe and sound.




2 Responses

  1. What fun! Love the pictures of you guys!!

  2. I love the theme of this town!!! Your views of this campsite are so beautiful! Thank you!

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