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Day 10 – Doin’ Nutin’

As we mentioned in our previous blog the only thing we planned for the day was doin’ nutin’ and by golly that’s exactly what we did. Despite Ken’s brother Ron’s warning that “It ain’t easy doing nothing” we managed quite well. It was a beautiful day that got up to around 86 degrees F and that made doin’ nutin’ even easier.

Ken did go for about a one hour walk around the camp and saw a few interesting things.

As we mentioned before this is a Thousand Trails campground and they have a very nice club house with an inviting pool, although we didn’t bring our swim suits.

This is the front of the club house with a big white stone chimney on the front.

This obviously is the pool.

This is a view of Little Diamond Lake from the club house.

The day before we arrived a big thunderstorm rolled through and lightning struck a tree near a camp site. If you look a the tree in the middle of this picture you can see where it was hit and how close it was to a camper. The top of the tree is lying on the ground. That must have been a real thrill for the poor folks inside the camper.

Here’s a close up of where the lightning struck.

We’re sure glad that wasn’t the spot we chose to camp in.

There is a large area of the camp that is partially developed that I walked all around. There are power poles and water faucets in place but the road is rustic and the camp sites area rough and grown over. I did discover where all the killed power poles go to rest. Being a large campground with some tight camp spots apparently a number of people don’t handle their rigs very well and take out the power poles. Anyhow I thought it made for an interesting picture.

But for the better part of the day this is how we spent it, enjoying the good life.

Marilyn is reading  “Night of the Grizzlies” by Jack Olsen which probably isn’t real conducive to good sleeping in the woods while Ken is reading “A Short History of Nearly Everything” by Bill Bryson. It was a great way to spend a nice quiet day.

Today we are off to Newport, WA to get some groceries and see what’s out there. The weather is supposed to be a little iffy and cooler. Right now at 8:00 in the morning it’s 54 degrees F with some wind and big puffy clouds overhead.



2 Responses

  1. Hi, Sure looks like you are having a nice trip… Be sure and stay safe and away from those Grizzlies…. Scares me and I ain’t afraid of anything… :o)

  2. Thanks for the information. I have lain awake many a nights wondering where old power poles go, now I can sleep.

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