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Day 6 – Old McDonald Had A Lake…

Yesterday we finally got into the park. Unfortunately so did everybody else from around the world, it was busy. We drove up both sides of Lake McDonald a little bit to check out some of the other campgrounds. While at one of the stops we got the following picture of the lake and the mountains.

We arrived at Lake McDonald Lodge early enough to have lunch before our boat tour. Here’s the front of the grand old lodge.


The great room in old lodges in the National Parks are always spectacular, this one is as well.


We had a very nice relaxing lunch in their restaurant and then it was off to the tour. The tour boat arrives at the dock behind Lake McDonald Lodge. Here’s the back of the lodge.


The tour boat is the De Smet and has been running on the lake since the 1920’s.


The tour lasted about an hour and we had a nice park ranger tell us many things about the park. One interesting fact was that there are only 25 glaciers left and none of them can be seen from Lake McDonald. The snow that you do see is just remaining winter snow. He also said that all the glaciers will probably be gone by 2020. A definite sign of climate change. Here’s a picture of the mountains and some of that snow.


It was a really fun day and a good thing to do while visiting the park.

Today we are supposed to take the Red Bus tour up the Going to the Sun Road but they had some very heavy rains Tuesday that created five land slides that closed the road. They were working frantically yesterday to get it cleared but our tour bus ride might be truncated.

We’re glad we weren’t on the tour bus Tuesday as one of them was hit with a big bolder from one of the land slides. No one was injured but the bus now has a big dent. A number of people were trapped between slides but no one else was hit and everyone was evacuated without incident.

No matter what we’re having a great time and enjoying some wonderful weather.



2 Responses

  1. Looks like a great place to check out. I wish our govt would admit there is climate change and do something to help the environment.

  2. Thanks fot the tour Kenny, looks like a beautiful place to relax and enjoy.

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