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Day 5 – Dam!

Before we get started today we’d like to wish our Grandson Hudson a happy ninth birthday! Happy Birthday Huds!

Yesterday we hung around Hungry Horse checking out some of the local stores and we made a run out to Hungry Horse Dam. The weather was threatening but never got any measurable rain.

The dam was completed in 1953 and is starting to show its age a little but it still functions well. We drove across the bridge and then stopped at the visitors center to read all about it. We both have been on numerous tours of the inner workings of other dams and decided to pass on the tour.

An interesting side story about Hungry Horse. The name came from two draft horses that wandered away in the winter and were found a month later a little skinnier and a lot hungry. So there ya go your history lesson for today.

In the town of Hungry Horse, population 900, we stopped by Huck’s to look at antlers and other stuff. Marilyn has wanted to carve some antler to see what it’s like so this looked like the place.

Sure enough she found a few small pieces that will do nicely. She’ll crank up the Dremel tool when she gets home.

We had lunch at the Huckleberry Patch Restaurant where everything seems to have a little huckleberry in it. Ken had a pulled pork sandwich and the BBQ sauce had huckleberry’s in it. The food was OK for lunch.

We’ve complained on our trip about the gift stores mostly carrying stuff from China. Well yesterday we stopped at the Montana Fur Trading Company and it was all hand made Native American crafts. Beautiful stuff all be it a little pricey. It was refreshing to see. If you’re ever in the area it’s well worth checking out.

We stopped at the local grocery store and discovered the same thing that we saw in the last Montana grocery store, the coffee isle and beer isle. I (Ken) don’t consider myself a Seattle “coffee snob” but I do like my coffee. In fact I buy green coffee beans from Costa Rica, roast them in my coffee roaster and grind them fresh every day, but I digress. In our stores you’ll have almost a whole isle of different coffee’s ranging from many local roasters to specialty blends. Here in Montana the coffee isle is about one quarter of an isle and only two rows of, yep you guessed it, Folgers!

Another thing we Washingtonian’s are big on is micro brewery’s and crafted beers. Here in Montana the selection is pretty simple Budweiser or Coors. Hopefully my Red Hook ESB will hold out until we get home.

Today looks to be a better day and we are off to the park.


5 Responses

  1. I’m so glad you guys are consistently blogging with pictures so we can all go on this trip vicariously with you! BTW, I think the lack of gourmet coffee and micro-brews is more of a small town thing than a Montana thing, although there are a lot of small towns in Montana! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the birthday wishes, I will pass them along 🙂

  3. Another dam day was it?

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