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Day 2 – Moses Lake to St. Regis, MT

We awoke to a better day without rain and hit the road for Montana. The good news is that it was a rather uneventful trip which is always good when you  are driving down the road.

We stopped at the rest stop near Sprague lake in Eastern Washington for coffee and a snack bar. Here’s what the lake looks like and it gives you an idea about the surrounding area.

We’re always surprised to see Seagull’s so far inland from salt water but this one looked different than what we have in Coupeville. The star like markings on its tail were different as were its red eye make-up.

We crossed into Idaho with little fanfare.

While going through Idaho we stopped to make lunch in Wallace, an old mining town.

We parked our trailer at the visitors center and while there Marilyn checked out the model mining tunnel.

Just another hour or so down the road we were in St. Regis, Montana at the Nugget RV Campground. We’ve stayed here before and it’s a very nice place with great managers.

Ken set up the outside of the trailer while Marilyn did the inside.

We now have a nice little spot for two days.

We did a lot of sitting and watching campers and nature go by, what a great way to spend an evening after a long days drive. We also watched a pretty good thunderstorm rumble through which dropped some sorely needed rain.

One of the critters we saw was a Western Chipmunk feeding on a blueberry bush. That kept us entertained for quite a while.

Today we’ll check out the big metropolis of St. Regis, all 319 people. Tomorrow it’s off to Glacier Park!


9 Responses

  1. I just love it when you guys post your trip with the places you go and visit. I also like the pictures of the people and wildlife.Thank you very much and have a great time.

  2. I’m so glad you’re posting daily while on your adventure. Can’t wait to “see” Glacier with you! BTW, that gull is a Ring-billed Gull. We get quite a few of them in our area along with Western Gulls and California Gulls. Happy Trails! Looking forward to your next post.

  3. Thank you for sharing your trip and adventures… I sure wish I enjoyed travel… But am just a home body. And we have an RV too….lol Go Figure… I have done many trips in it with my husband, maybe I am just tired. Traveling in any manner is a job.
    Youns have safe travels and bushels of fun, relaxation and rest.
    Hugs, just me, Betty in Va.

  4. I loved the history of Wallace, especially the part where they convinced the highway department to elevate the highway over the city so not to destroy the historic buildings.

    • Hi John,
      From what you and other people have written i guess we should have spent more time in Wallace. i guess we’ll do that next time.

      Hope all is well in Elephant Butte!

  5. Marlene and I were in Wallace in 06 .Enjo
    yed the trip

    Takr Care

    Bull Richardson

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