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On The Road Again

Hi everyone, it’s been a while. We’ve been really busy relandscaping our yard and it’s finally all done. unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of it to show you right now as we are on vacation once again.

This time we are off to Glacier park for a week. We left at 9:30 Friday the 13th and not being too superstitious we had a good trip. Unfortunately a big thunder storm rolled through just as I was hooking up the trailer and slowed things down a wee bit.

Once we got through the ugly mainland traffic and up into the Cascade Mountains things got better. Eastern Washington was sunny and warm with temperatures in the low 90’s.

If you’ve ever driven through Eastern Washington there’s a lot of this:

That’s Jeannine our GPS showing the way, not too much work involved there 🙂

We arrived at Suncrest Resort in Moses Lake, WA around 3:30 and set up camp in 92 degree heat, ouch!

Once we got everything the way we wanted it we relaxed for a bit in the air conditioned comfort of our fifth wheel and then headed out for dinner.

We were going to stop by this nice little local fruit stand that we’ve been to before but they were closed. On to dinner at Bob’s Cafe. We’d never eaten there before and we always find it fun to explore new restaurants. Friday night is Prime Rib night and so that’s what we went with. It was OK but not as great as we’d expected for being in Eastern Washington. It was eatable and served the purpose of replenishing our bodies.

After that it was back to camp and a quiet evening.

Today we have thunder storms and rain again to start the day. The good news is that it’s a warm 72 degree rain.

We are off to St. Regis, MT where we’ll be spending two nights. Hopefully they will have a good internet connection and we can update you tomorrow.

You can also follow us on Facebook as we are posting some pictures of our trip as we head down the road.


3 Responses

  1. Ah, st Regis. When we make it to st Regis we feel like we are on the home stretch 🙂 if you get this comment today, you should make a stop in Wallace, ID. It’s a great little mining town with huckleberry ice cream and great old town feel.

  2. Hi, Sounds like you had a good trip across WA. That would be Southeastern WA. Spokane and north is beautiful and treed! Lots of lakes and water. Have a great time at the park.

  3. Thanks for posting. I like reading your blog it has been a long time. Have a great week on vacation.

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