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Boo – Happy Halloween

This was the winning 350 pound pumpkin from our Saturday Market contest.

Well it’s been quite a while since we last posted an update but as you ‘ll see we’ve been busy since coming home from our two month trip around the United States. Being gone for two months put the whole summer on hold so we had a lot of catching up to do.

One of the first things was Ken’s band performing at the Ballard Locks in Ballard for a Sunday “Art’s in the Parks” concert.

It was a beautiful day and well attended. The audience was very appreciative and some even danced. After the concert we went to Sharon’s house, the singer in the band, and had a nice BBQ with all the guys.

After Ken’s cousin left he got busy building the shed on the back of his woodshop. It is now complete and the additional space is used for garden tools and wood storage.

Since this picture was taken it has been painted and looks like its been there forever.

While this was going on we also had a shed built at Port Susan where we keep our trailer for the winter and camp from time to time.

Along with all of that we started landscaping all of the grounds around our house, starting in the back yard. We have landscapers doing the work so no worry about our backs. So far they have the patio area done and most of the planters.

We think it’s looking great and can’t wait for it all to be done. Along with that we are starting to rebuild all the decks as the boards on the old one are starting to rot. The new deck will be out of a poly wood material so they’ll never have to be painted or replaced, at least in our lifetime. We’ll post updates as the project proceeds.

We did manage to fit in a little fun by going to our grand kids soccer games. They have really gotten into the sport and are doing quite well. Here’s Hudson playing goalie, his team won!

Camden is playing on a bigger field and with more players this year and really taking it up a notch.

Unfortunately his team lost but it wasn’t for lack of a great effort!

Emerson is still a little young to participate in the sport but she like going to the games. She’s entered the “extremely shy stage” of life but is cute as can be.

Marilyn has started wood carving after many years away from it and made a terrific looking Santa Clause.

Now that some of the summer projects have been beaten back Ken is back working on his RC sailboat. He hasn’t been to the lake yet with the other sailors but working on his boat is a step in the right direction.

So there ya go, you’re caught up with our life in Coupeville. Have a great Halloween and then on to Thanksgiving!


7 Responses

  1. Wow, you guy are making up for lost time, huh? All looks great. Love your back yard work, can’t wait to see it finished…
    Your grandkids are beautiful… talented… I am sure you are so proud of them.
    I love Marilyn’s Santa Carving… would like to see other of her carvings..
    Have a Happy Halloween and Wonderful Holidays… As always I look forward to more postings… God Bless, Love and Hugs, just me, Betty Hopkins in Va. … :o)

  2. Boy you guys have been busy since returning home. It made me tired just reading about all you’ve done.

  3. Welcome back to posting bro. Good job!

  4. I just love hearing about what is going on in your busy lives. Especially from another Wasingtonian. Your back yard is going to be just beautiful when completed. I do miss the little tips and recipes that you used to share. But..I know that takes a lot of time. You two seem to always have a great project going. I enjoy seeing them. I followed your trip with you and it was fun to see some of the places that you visited. It was great and just wished I was on such a trip. But….always great to be home. Thank you for the update.. Happy Halloween to you BOTH!

  5. Thanks for the update. Sounds like retirement is keeping you busy. It does me too.
    Best wishes,
    Mike O’Brien
    Valley Head, AL

  6. Love all the work you are doing! Keep up the good work and keep us posted! The pumpking is really cool! Happy Halloween to you both!!!


  7. So great to catch up a bit. Glad you made it to a soccer game each for Camden and Hudson. I did the same last weekend, and despite the drizzle, it was fun. What I like about soccer, unlike football and baseball, is that an hour is an hour! 🙂
    Impressive undertaking with your back yard. So, no koi pond this time? And nice shed and add-on to your shop space.
    And Marilyn’s carving is cool. Would love to see more!
    Love, SeaStar

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