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    Ken and Marilyn

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Settling In

As you all know we are back home on our island in Coupeville, WA and settling back into a routine, such as it is. The weekend we got home they were having their annual art festival which takes over the Front Street area with over 325 booths loaded with all sorts of art and things of interest. Here’s the view down Front Street.

Here’s the scene looking down toward the wharf. Notice the two tall ships docked behind the wharf building.

During the afternoons of the festival the tall ships will take people out for a cruise and during the cruise they have a mock battle where they fire their large cannons. You can see the smoke in the picture but you should hear the booms, they are really loud.

Also during the weekend we celebrated Ken’s birthday along with Marilyn’s sister Sandy’s at our house. A good time was had by all.

Ken has started a new project to build an addition to our storage shed behind his workshop, you can never have too much storage or maybe it’s just a matter of too much stuff 😉 We’ll have some pictures and updates and the project progresses. The first step is to bring a stump grinder and remove a stump and some serious roots that are in the way.

This past weekend we had the pleasure of Ken’s cousin Cindy and her husband John visit us on our little island. They are from Pennsylvania and they seemed to enjoy our cooler weather and the slow pace of life here on the island.

Unfortunately it rained for the first time since July 25th but it didn’t dampen our spirits. We showed them around the island including the Coupeville ferry landing which just happened to have a ferry coming in for a landing.

And on up to the northern most end of our island the Deception Pass Bridge.

Coupeville has some wonderful restaurants and we made the most of them. We’re now afraid to get on the scales until we have some time to work it all off.

They are off on an Alaska cruise and we are settling back into our quiet and simple lifestyle. We’ll post again when we have something worth boring you with 😉


3 Responses

  1. Marilyn and Ken
    I know you just added that last snippet to see all the replies it would generate ;o)
    I am one of many here to tell you not one of your posts are BORING!!!! I look forward to each and every one with supreme anticipation, hoping each day there will be another one. How you two wonderful folks have so much energy, I cannot fathom. You are just back from a round trip cross country journey and you are already planning huge projects and entertaining visitors.
    Maybe you would share the name of the vitamins you take ;o)

    Happy Birthday Ken! Happy to hear you had a good time~

    Jan and Leo
    Daytona Beach

  2. Janice, we take a large dose of vitamin “L” (life) each day! Marilyn and I are best friends and love each other a lot which creates a lot of energy. Living on a beautiful island in the San Jan Islands in Washington State doesn’t hurt either 🙂
    We’re glad you enjoy our little blog and we really don’t care how many people read it as long as it’s people like you!

  3. What a great trip you guys had. My wife and I are planning a similar trip for the near future, but in reverse! We live in So. Calif. and would head out through Texas and then swing north, then towards the end of our trip we would hit WA and visit our daughter and her family in Port Orchard, WA. Also hope to make it to some of the islands.

    Gene Majors
    Placentia, CA

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