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Day 49 – Still At Port Susan

Hi everyone, we’ve been missing you and thought we’d give a quick update. We’re still at Port Susan and will be leaving tomorrow for home. Saturday is the annual Coupeville Art Fair and we want to be there to share in the fun. It’s the biggest event of the year for our little town and always fun to walk around and see all the booths.

Here at Port Susan things are very quiet and we’ve been lying low and enjoying our time. The weather is cool with low 50’s in the morning and only warming to the high 60’s in the afternoon. While that may not sound like very appealing summer weather to some of you we are really enjoying it after almost two months of driving and camping in near 100 degree F heat. We’ve had a campfire going every afternoon and can actually sit outside and enjoy it.

We mentioned the other day that Port Susan is heavily wooded and here’s a picture of our camp site to prove it.

What you see is mostly cedar trees and rhododendrons. In the spring it just explodes with color as the rhodies bloom.

We have a small lake called Weallup which is only for rowing, no motor boats. There’s a nice dock where kids will often fish for trout.

There’s a big green belt around the lake so you can’t see any campers from the lake giving it a nice secluded feel.

Yesterday we visited Ken’s brother Ron and wife Lolli at Lolli’s mom’s cabin at Elger Bay on the west side of Camano Island. It’s a fun place to sit and watch the tide go in and out.

The island you are looking at off in the distance is Whidbey Island, our home. We live around to the right just a few miles.

At Elger Bay there is an Eagle that likes to sit in a particular tree and keep an eye on things. I zoomed in with my trusty Canon and caught this nice picture.

It’s hard to believe that after fifty days we’ll finally be home and getting things back to normal. We’ll be taking our trailer home to unpack and clean it up. In a week or two we’ll take it back to Port Susan where it will stay until our next big adventure.

We sure have enjoyed all the wonderful comments during our trip and having you all along for the ride. It sounds like you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed sharing it with you. We are still putting together our “observations” during the trip and will share them soon.


5 Responses

  1. well done, I enjoyed all your updates of your trip and can see you both had a wonderful time.. The scenery you showed was spectacular.
    Welcome home.

  2. WOW! What a wonderful venture you two had. I enjoyed everyday to see what was next as where you were heading and what did you see…Thanks for all the lovely pictures and telling us some neat things you got to see..See you on your next trip…Thanksagain for sharing!!

  3. Thanks for your posts
    I am in the UK and your pictures certainly tempt me to do a similar journey in the USA

  4. I really enjoyed seeing the road from your perspective. I will look forward to your recap after you have time to digest the trip. You have been a worthy Canon user and your pictures more than mad the purchase worthwhile.

  5. I live down here in ga and followed u all the way it was fun to log in and see where u had been.and all the pics u took where good.

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