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Day 45 – Westward Ho

Yesterday we toured around Baker City, Oregon to see what was here. First stop was the National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center about five miles outside of Baker City. They had a circle of wagons that made you feel like you were really a settler heading across the vast country.

They were all exact replicas that were built about 20 years ago and very authentic. The wagon to the front left is a real wagon from the mid 1800’s. It was not a wagon used to travel the Oregon Trail but more likely used for traveling locally because it had smaller wheels and a lower ground clearance. There was a very knowledgeable ranger at the wagons that shared lots of information with us.

Inside the center were many well done, life size, diorama’s such as the one below.

Here’s a map of the 2,000 miles the settlers traveled from near Kansas City to Oregon City. Click on the map for a bigger view.

Outside was this fantastic view of the valley. If you look very closely you’ll see a white spec just above the sage brush below the word “WAGON”. If you click on the picture it might help.

I love to show off my little Canon SX 30IS camera. Here’s the wagon above a little closer. Can you imagine traveling across this valley in a wagon like that with your family?

Still a little hard to see? How about this?

Just to the left of the wagon is part of the actual Oregon Trail that still can be seen with the ruts from the wagon wheels.

We never miss an opportunity to have a picture of the two of us taken when someone offers to squeeze the trigger on the camera. These rocks that were covered with very colorful liken were out in front of the center.

After our visit to the center we filled up with gas and washed the truck. Ken’s still sick about the dented bed but at least it shines again.

For lunch we went to the Geiser Hotel in historic downtown Baker City.

And what a grand hotel it is. Built around 1889 it was the most elegant hotel between St. Louis and Portland. Gold is what put this town on the map and obviously the wealth was not wasted. Here’s the atrium inside the hotel.

Over the years the town started to decay and many of the old buildings were covered with plaster or sheet metal. In the 70’s a revival took place and they started renovating many of the old buildings to their original state. Here’s a tiny piece of the historic downtown that’s been restored.

While there is a whole lot more to see and do around here the decision has been made that we will move on. Today we will either drive 225 miles to Yakima, Washington and spend the night or hit it hard at 400 miles and go to the Port Susan Camping Club that we belong to just outside Marysville, Washington. If we stop at Yakima it will only be for the night. We plan to spend almost a week at Port Susan relaxing, recouping and reliving our adventure before actually heading home.


3 Responses

  1. Baker was one of the most interesting cities I visited on my trip west last year. Head down, into the wind and 400 miles will be behind you before you know it.

  2. I have been following your adventure since finding runnerduck in July. Your doing a wonderful job of describing your trip and I can relate to many of your experiences. To bad you have been thru Mn. already. My wife and I discuss selling the house and full timing it for a year or so to do just what you folks are doing. We are torn between the home stead and the grandkids returning once a year and traveling. thanks for your blog. Enjoying the trip right along with the two of you. Allyn & Dorothy Schlicht, Brainerd, Mn.

  3. I enjoyed your pictures in Oregon. There is so much to see..Now you are on your way to my town…Yakima, Wa….Thanks for sharing

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