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Day 44 – It Happens In Three’s

Yesterday we drove out of Idaho and into Oregon.

But not before we saw some more beautiful country crossing Eastern Idaho.

They have some interesting “flat-top” mountains and we wonder what made them that way.

In Oregon we drove along the Snake River and saw more interesting countryside.

After nearly 300 miles of driving we arrived in Baker City, Oregon at the Mt. View RV Park. We set up camp and reflected on the day.

It’s a nice camp but the sites are close together and there is a train that likes to start blowing its whistle around 4:10 in the morning.

Have you ever heard the saying that “bad things happen in three’s”? Well yesterday was one of those days.

(1) It started when we tried to pull the “slides” in as we were getting ready to leave. For those of you who are not familiar with campers many have “slides” which are extensions that slide out to expand the interior space. They are driven by 12 volt electric motors of which our’s were not working. With the “shore power” disconnected that meant that the trailer batteries were dead, but why. We reconnected the power and were able to get the “slides” in. We decided we’d deal with the problem at our next stop.

(2) Secondly we had the closest call to an accident on our whole 6,000 miles so far. In a very wide open area with no traffic some jerk decided that he needed to pass us to get to the next exit rather than wait behind us. We did not see him passing and he misjudged the exit and came so close to taking or front end off that Ken had to swerve really hard not to hit him.

(3) Finally when Ken was setting up the trailer at camp he had released the lock on the fifth wheel which is how you disconnect from the trailer. He had put one of the front landing jacks down and then realized that the trailer was not quite level. He put a couple of pads in front of the trailer tires and was going to pull the trailer up onto them. Unfortunately he forgot that he had already unlocked the fifth wheel and when he pulled forward the trailer fell with a mighty bang onto the truck bed rail. With one landing jack down it fell kind of sideways and caved in one side of the truck.

He got the trailer jacked back up and except for the dented truck everything seems to be OK. It’s good to have the “three things” out of our way so we can enjoy the rest of the trip.

By the way we stopped at “Grumpy’s Repair”, a local repair shop, and the nice gentleman there (not too grumpy) helped us find the problem. A wire had been pulled out of a lug which disconnected the battery. Ken did the repair with a little help from Grumpy and now everything works fine.

Today we are going to hand around Baker City and either go sight seeing or maybe do nothing, either one sounds pretty good.


5 Responses

  1. I have been along for the ride with the two of you all the way and envy your ability to take a trip like this. I have my own business but would love to retire. However, little things like the need to pay for health insurance, or the market, where my undersized IRA resides, dropping 500 points, just keep getting in the way!

    Oh, and one other point, my Grandmother always expounded on the “fact” that bad things happened in threes.

    Robin Slate

  2. Ouch!! Hope the rest of your trip goes safely!

  3. I’m so sorry I had to open my ‘big mouth’ in yesteerday’s post. Both things I congratulated you on came to pass in the ‘it happens in threes’. I am so thankful no one was hurt.
    I enjoyed the wonderful Oregon landscape – some of the most beautiful country in the world in my estimation – weather, too.
    It’s still in the 90’s here in Daytona Beach and very humid.
    You are nealy home.
    What a trip you have had!

  4. Gosh I am so sorry of your 3 mishaps…But at least now you got that over with..lol You have just had a wonderful trip. You have seen so many things that will remain with you for the rest of your life…Just glad we all could ride alone with you…Be safe..

  5. 44 days and Murphy finally rears his ugly head. Hope the rest of the trip goes smoothly.

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