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Day 37 – Kansas or Bust

Yesterday we had a full day in Branson which started by visiting the Titanic Museum. Wow, what a place with lots of artifacts and great displays. We spent over an hour looking at all the cool stuff. There was a model of the front of the ship at the bottom of the ocean as it looks today that had been used in the movie. It was over 20′ long and quite impressive. Unfortunately they do not allow any photography so no pictures.

After lunch it was off to see Harry Potter’s new movie. Marilyn finally got to see the final movie and it was really good and quite true to the book. It was kind of nice to sit in an air conditioned theater for a couple of hours while it was reaching 100 degrees F outside.

Next stop Ken’s friend Gary’s house to meat his wife Angie and exchange a few more lies about the “good ol’ days”. They have a very nice house in Branson and a couple of cats, one which is very elusive and one that just loves to be petted. Gary had arranged for show tickets through a bass player fried of his at the 76 Music Hall but first it was off to dinner at Rocky’s Italian Restaurant. On our way Gary drove us around a little bit to get more of a feel for the area. We drove across the damn that I had a picture of yesterday and saw the show boat cruising along.

It looked like that would be a lot of fun for a dinner and a show. He also took us through Old Branson which is away from the “strip”. You can see that it was a nice little town before all the tourists showed up.

They have an old 5 and 10 cent store which is really something to see.

There was so much stuff in the store it was difficult to get around.

They had lost of interesting stuff sitting around and hanging from the ceiling and lots of five and dime stuff to see. If you’re ever in Branson it’s worth stopping by.

Dinner at Rocky’s was very good and while eating a drummer friend of Gary’s showed up, he was going to be playing there that night. Nothing like “three” drummers telling lies. After dinner we went to the 76 Music Hall to see the show.

The singers were really good as was the band, unfortunately we didn’t get everyone’s name. There were some things about the show that we weren’t too crazy about so we left at the intermission and went back to Rocky’s to hear the drummer. He and an excellent piano player, who had played with Less Brown’s orchestra for 32 years, were playing behind Bob Anderson, http://www.bobanderson.com, and excellent singer and impressionist. He did and wonderful Mel Torme and Tom Jones. What a fun evening.

We said our good byes to Gary and Angie, some of the most wonderful people you’d ever want to meet.

Today we travel about 220 miles north to Louisburg, Kansas and will spend one night at the Rutlader Outpost RV Campground. We’ve been watching the Weather Channel and it looks like we could run into some rain. Maybe it’ll wash some of the dust and bug juice off the truck and trailer.

After lunch


5 Responses

  1. Keep on truckin. I really enjoyed the Branson pictures.

  2. there is a great ball of twine in Kansas too.

    • Unfortunately we probably won’t get to see it as we’ll be traveling right on through to Nebraska tomorrow morning. Just out of curiosity where is it?

  3. cawker city, on hwy 24. just west of glen elder (have relatives there 🙂 and near lake waconda.
    heres a couple of links:

  4. waved at you, I-44 by Mt. Vernon,MO. Thanks for taking us along on your adventure!

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