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Day 35 – Tourin’ Van Buren

Yesterday we started the day doing laundry, I guess we’re still not camping. But it’s good to have a bunch of fresh clothes and the sock god only ate one sock! We didn’t want to get out too soon as the heat really doesn’t start to get miserable until afternoon. For our drive around the area it had warmed up to 95 degrees F and 60% humidity, no aunt Shirley we’re not acclimated yet.

The sites around here are interesting but not very spectacular, that is if you can even find them. The local tourist brochures have really poor maps and we ended up driving over a hundred miles to see three things. First stop was “Rocky Falls, one of Missouri’s most scenic spots. It has stunning views of water cascading 40 feet over igneous rock.” Now based on that quote from their brochure is this what you’d expect to see?

While it was interesting it was hardly “stunning”. We couldn’t imagine just sitting in that hot sun staring at the falls.

The road to Falling Springs Mill was just barely a forest service road, very narrow and lots of washboard.

Next stop Falling Springs Mill, now this was interesting. Built around 1928 by Thomas Brown it was used to grind corn for feed, saw lumber and shingles and generate electricity. It was feed by the spring coming out of the wall behind it.

Some of the gears were still inside the mill.

Close to the mill was the home of Thomas Brown which was interesting to Ken, since he’s a woodworker, due to the way it was built.

They used “half-dovetail notching” in the corners which allowed them to shed water and is one of the reasons this cabin is still standing.

Next stop was Big Springs which is what this area is most famous for. Big Springs is the largest spring in the state and quite possibly in the world.

The water “gushes” from subterranean passages at an average rate of 278 million gallons of water a day, WOW! The water must be cold as we noticed a fog layer on the water after it hit the hot humid air.

We stopped for dinner at Big Springs Lodge Restaurant at Big Springs and noticed a large number of insects flying around.

No wonder the front of our truck and trailer is so loaded with bug juice. The restaurant is part of the Big Springs Lodge and cabins that were built in the ’30s.

The inside of the lodge was really pretty and had a nice feel to it.

The view from our table was very nice looking out on the Current River.

While most of the day was spent in the comfort of our air conditioned truck we did have a good time and got to see some interesting things.

Today we hit the road again heading for Branson, Missouri to see Ken’s old friend Gary who plays drums for Mickey Gilley. Hopefully we’ll get to see him play this evening.


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  1. What a wonderful time you are having….such great memories you will have. I would love this kind of trip. It seems you have done a great job of mapping out your trip. Enjoy!! and….thanks for sharing, I have so enjoyed following your adventure….

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