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Day 32 – Lick Some Salt

Yesterday we drove out of West Virginia and into Kentucky checking off another new state for the both of us. Early in the day we drove through some spotty fog due to the high humidity.

One town we drove past was Big Chimney so Marilyn got the camera ready to capture the “big chimney” as we drove by. No big chimney, in fact we couldn’t even see the town. A number of miles later Marilyn did spot some BIG chimneys.

There were three nuclear stacks and a bunch of others belching who know what into the atmosphere.

The drive was all on freeways so not a lot of sites. We crossed the Kentucky state line around 10:30

As we were exiting from the freeway to head to the campground we got caught in the middle of a big military convey.

They were taking the same exit as us but were all going to the gas station to fill up. How would you like to be the owner of that station?

For the first time Jeanine, our digital navigator, left us short. She said that we had arrived at the Outpost Campground but it was not to be seen. We drove a couple miles looking for a wide spot in the road to pull off and possibly turn around. Ken went into the trailer to check the computer and call for directions if necessary. Marilyn headed for some shade. While Ken was in the trailer she knocked on the door and said that the Outpost Campground was across the street. The sign was very faded and if we hadn’t pulled off when we did we would have missed it. I guess we had some luck on our side this time.

The Outpost Campground is in Salt Lick Kentucky and is everything it sounds like.

We were lucky to get the only spot between two trees although at 98 degrees F and 60% humidity they don’t help much. I asked the good ol’ boy that’s running the place, probably 65 years old, what credit cards they take. He said “they only take checks or cash. The owner is 81 years old and doesn’t believe in those new fangled things.” I asked him what there was to see and do in the area and he said “not much”. I asked him if they sold beer in their store and he said “it’s a dry county, that is except for the county seat and besides it’s Sunday”. He said “the pool is really hot so if you plan to go swimming be sure to take a bar of soap”. Now imagine all of those comments with a heavy “good ol’ boy” accent, fun.

Right after we got set up we noticed the sky changing with a big ominous looking cloud.

About ten minutes later it started to sprinkle but just enough to raise the humidity a little more and spot the dust on the truck. Then a little bit later it really got ugly.

That one managed to generate some lighting and generally washed my truck. We had planned to spend two nights here but after all the excitement we felt it was best to move on before we wore ourselves out 😉

Tomorrow we’ll leave beautiful Salt Lick and drive further into the bowls of Kentucky.


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  1. It was nice of the government to give you a military escort through Kentucky. Enjoy your trip back in time.

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