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29 – Rough Neighborhood

Yesterday it was off to Manasses, Virginia. As we were leaving Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Marilyn took this neat picture of the bridges over the Susquehanna River.

We drove through a small corner of Maryland which was a new state to us. We stopped at what was probably the nicest rest stop so far on the trip.

The only problem was that the visitors center was closed so we didn’t get to go inside, only the restrooms were open which were spotless.

After a short break it was on to Virginia which all total was a short 120 mile drive.

The traffic wasn’t too bad, the roads were good and our rig rolled along just fine.

We arrived at Bull Run Regional Park in Manassas, VA before lunch and set up camp.

It’s a nice quiet campground but the site they had for us doesn’t have water or sewer. The good news is that they have good power so our air conditioner runs like a dream. While checking in we were afraid we might be heading into a rough neighborhood as this one camper was bringing in his own artillery to protect his camp.

It turns out that this weekend in Manassas is the 150 anniversary of the start of the Civil War. There is going to be a huge reenactment of the first battle at Manassas Battlefield. While it would be fun to see some of it I don’t believe it will fit into our plans for the short time we are here. Can you imagine what it will be like for all those shoulders dressed in wool period costumes, standing out in a field in this heat?

After lunch it was time for Ken to reunite with his old high school buddy Bill. It had been almost fifty years since they last saw each other and was time to get caught up.

Ken on the left and Bill on the Right. We met Bill’s wife Sue who is a very nice person and a good match for Bill. They have a beautiful home with a nice swimming pool but it was still way too hot to even think about a dip.

After exchanging a lifetime of lies and tales we went to dinner at Madigan’s Restaurant in Occoquan, VA along the Occoquan River.

It’s a very nice restaurant with some great food. Ken recommends the crab stuffed flounder, yum!

When we returned back to camp we couldn’t help but notice that it was 95 degrees F and 65% humidity at 9:00PM!

Today we are going back over to Bill and Sue’s who are going to drive us around the country side in an air conditioned car to get a feel for the area.

By the way at 8:00 this morning its 80 degrees, 85% humidity. Oh boy it’s going to be a scorcher!


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