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Day 27 – Just Rollin’ Cobs

Yesterday was a very relaxing day doing some maintenance on the trailer and visiting Aunt Shirley and Jim. One big maintenance item on our fifth wheel is the big front cap. That’s the big fiberglass piece that covers the front of the trailer. It just loves to kill bugs as we drive down the road which then stick to it a bake on in this heat. It takes some pretty good elbow grease to get it back to looking like new. Ken spent a half hour rubbing on it and now looks great.

The next maintenance item was the ceiling fan which decided to start squeaking in the middle of the night. After a full disassemble, lubrication and reassemble it once again is quiet. After that we headed back over to Ken’s aunt’s place for a quiet day of “rollin’ cobs”. In case you are not familiar with that term it’s Nebraska speak for standing around and chewing the fat while rolling a corn cob under your foot.  We actually sat around and didn’t have any cobs to roll but still had lots of great stories to reminisce about. Ken’s cousins had left earlier in the morning so it was just us old folks 😉

While it didn’t get scorching hot like in some parts of the country it was plenty warm and humid both for us and the crows.

This crow was panting to try and keep cool. It got into the mid 80’s and the humidity was in the mid 60’s.

Aunt Shirley and Jim fixed us a very nice meal and we called it a day. We wanted to get home a little early to start getting things put away for today’s trip to Harrisburg. On our way home we saw this beautiful but ominous cloud.

Fortunately it didn’t turn into anything for us and we had a very quiet and peaceful night.

We’re about 150 miles away from Harrisburg where we’ll spend one night tonight. While in the area we plan to do some shopping and visit Ken’s aunt at her new home in Mechanicsburg, PA. They’ve only lived there for two months so will be fun to see..


3 Responses

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t find anything interesting in, OHIO, our home state, but it’s good you didn’t terry there, has been 105′ every day since Sunday. We are lovin’ your trip. Travel safe!
    Leo and Jan in DAytrona Beach

    • It’s not that we didn’t or couldn’t find anything interesting in Ohio it’s just that we were on a roll heading to a destination. Ken was in Youngstown back in the ’60s and had an interesting time playing with The Serfs, a rock band, at a bowling alley backing up Queenie Lions.

  2. A farmer in western Canada told us that they would spray the front of their vehicles with PAM so that the grasshoppers and other bugs would wash off more easily. It might be worth a try for your front cap.

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