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Day 26 – Bears and Squirrels and Family Oh My!

Yesterday was a very relaxing day with myKen’s aunt Shirley and family. They have a nice timeshare in Silverwood that is located right on the golf course. The temperature was in the 80’s and the humidity wasn’t far behind. We mostly sat around and caught up on old times. We’d sit on the deck for a while and then migrate into the air conditioned house then back out again. There was a lot of overcast sky and a nice breeze so the heat was almost tolerable.

While sitting on the deck watching a few golfer’s play through Marilyn said “there’s a bear”! Shirley and Jim laughed at her and said, “yeah right, there aren’t any bears around here, never seen one”.

Wrong! There it was a black bear walking right up the middle of the fairway. There are some dense woods on the other side of the course and we assumed that the bear had come out of there. We warned golfers of the pending danger as they played by. What a thrill!

A little later on we saw a black squirrel.

Here again this is something they have rarely seen here as they are more indigenous to areas further north east from here. We’ve never seen one in Washington. It seems this “climate change” we’re going through is moving things around.

After a nice relaxing day we drove past the Treasure Lake marina on our way to dinner.

It’s a man made lake created by a dam at one end. It’s a pretty lake with lots of water skiers and boaters. There are a large number of pontoon platform boats that we rarely see in the northwest.

We had dinner at the Ski Lodge Restaurant which has a sign that shows a mountain like you might see in Washington or the Rockies.

This is the view from the dinning deck and as you can see there are no “mountains” there.

It is beautiful country though and we’re sure the skiing is fun. There was a lot of haze caused by the high humidity.

Here’s the “Fam” having dinner on the deck of the Ski Lodge.

Left, going clockwise, Cousin Cindy (Shirley’s youngest), Shirley’s husband Jim, Aunt Shirley (the matriarch ;-), Cousin Sandy,Ken’s Chair and Marilyn. That’s the problem with Ken being the photographer he rarely ever gets into the picture. It was a really nice day and we had a great time.

Today could be a repeat of yesterday except Cindy and Sandy have headed back to Harrisburg in preparation for our arrival tomorrow. We’ll be here at Treasure Lake one more night and then move on to Harrisburg where we’ll stay one night before heading on east.

As my internet friend John, http://travlinwithjohn.blogspot.com/, says, “being with family is a really great way to ‘enjoy the good life’!


One Response

  1. Hi,
    Iffin you come a little southeast from Harrisburg, you sure are welcome to come visit us here on the DelMarVa Peninsula/ Eastern Shore.
    The Chincoteague Pony Swim and Festival is the 20th of July. Always a fun time and there are campgrounds all around too. But our backyard is also free… just a thought?
    I am so enjoying this trip with you both.
    Enjoy and make wonderful memories…
    Hugs, just me, Betty Hopkins in Va.
    Yes, there are 2 countys of Virginia that are not attached to the body of Virginia… :o) We live in Accomack County, Hallwood, Va.

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