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Day 23 – Onward to Ohio

Yesterday was a fun day of shops and museums. After a lazy get up and breakfast we went to the Little Helpers Quilt Shop just outside of Shipshwana.

While they did not make their quilts at this farm they are made locally by fellow Amish. They had a nice selection and were really nice people.

Marilyn looked long and hard to find just the one she wanted and this is the one she selected.

That should look quite lovely on that wall of our home. They also have wonderful jams that they make on their farm and we loaded up with three different flavors.

I spoke with the owner a little bit about the Amish and their “living off the grid”. While they do live off the grid they have solar panels and storage batteries to run the cash register and the credit card machine. They also have a generator that runs the mixers for making jam. I got the feeling that there area different levels of strictness to their life styles and while some are hard core Amish others are a little more adaptable to some modern technologies.

Being environmentally conscious we like to see recycled items especially made from plastic that would otherwise end up in land fills or worse in our oceans. (follow Roz Savage as she rows across the Indian Ocean bringing awareness to the oceans polluted with plastic, http://www.rozsavage.com/) These locally made baskets were a perfect example of what can be done.

Next stop was the Yoder’s Meat Shoppe in downtown Shipsie to pick up some fresh meat and cheese.

They have a wide selection of cheeses and we loaded up. We also found some meat that will be good along the way. After the meat we drove twenty miles to Elkhart, Indiana for lunch and then a visit to the RV and Motorhome Museum.

They have a large selection of campers and motorhomes nicely displayed starting with the first camper ever commercially made a 1913 Earl being pulled by a Ford Model T.

This inside was sparse but quite nice.

Marilyn really liked May West’s custom built 1931 Housecar. It was made special for her to help entice her to go west and make movies.

There were some really interesting motorhomes like this 1933 Ford Kamp Kar

And this 1937 Hunt Housecar.

Ken took a lot more pictures and way too many to post here. If we have some slow picture days in the future we’ll post some more.

There is a lot so see and do in this area and we just barely scratched the surface. We might have hung around another day or two but it’s time to move on. Unfortunately we’ve got a schedule to keep meeting up with family and friends on certain dates.

Today we’ll drive to Bellevue, Ohio and spend one night at the Lazy J RV Resort. It’s only 160 miles away so we’ll take it easy and enjoy the drive.




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  1. Sounds like a great adventure! Keep us ‘posted!’

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