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Day 21 – Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’ Along

Yesterday we ended up driving all the way through to our next days stop and skipping Indiana Dunes. It ended up being a 339 mile drive through some of the worst roads we’ve encountered to date.

We crossed into Illinois not too long after we left Stand Rock Campground.

Yesterday our friend Betty from Virginia wrote: “Are you both or either getting homesick or tired of traveling yet?  I been where youns are a few times and was just curious, from someone who likes being there but hates getting there.”

It’s funny that she wrote that as we drove through Illinois and got the crap beat out of us on the over priced, under improved, tollway while being cut off by some of the most crazy drivers we’ve ever seen and getting rolled over by big semi’s driving well over the posted speed limit. Pulling our big rig through Chicago on the terrible roads was not what we’d call a good time.

The Chicago skyline was really spectacular and much bigger than we imagined. But I digress.

Betty, we are neither homesick or tired of traveling yet and enjoying our adventure a lot. The only thing that is really missed is our Ms. Kitty Kitty. Marilyn and Kitty are very close and it’s especially hard on her. On your other comment we generally enjoy getting there when there is beautiful country and not much traffic. Today it’s much better being here than drive here.

We’re use to the vastness of the west so were surprised when the Indiana state line showed up so soon.

While driving the back roads to our campground we couldn’t help but notice that we are in Amish country.

We arrived at Shipshewana Campground at 5:30. We crossed into the Eastern timezone so on top of a long days drive we lost an hour. Here’s where we’ll camp for the next three nights.

Today we will take the trailer to the Crossroads factory to have them check some warranty items that need to be taken care of and we’ll also take a tour of the factory. We’re anticipating that it’s going to be a fun day.


5 Responses

  1. I have been following your blog since it popped up on my computer a couple of weeks ago…

    I was really excited that the Runner Duck couple were going to head through my state. I have been reading your website for over a year. Imagine my surprise when you were stopping in Shipshewana.

    Shipsie has a bunch of stores and lunch at the Blue Gate is a must. A drive down any side road can be an Amish adventure. There are lots of farms that welcome you with produce and products. Always a great bet. If you like to canoe AT all, go to Mongo, just to the East. You will enjoy the calm waters and peaceful river. The short trip is couple of hours. The medium trip with be about four. East on 120 are the Greenfield Mills. Pick up some Blueberry Pancake mix, but ask for the tour. They still grind wheat with water. Most of the equipment is from the early 1900’s. They do have a cool set of chrome mills from the 50’s, next door. At Lagrange, Plyley’s candy is the place to visit. You won’t have to ask for a tour, if the factory is running, you will be in the middle of the process as you walk to the factory store. There are chocolates and hard candies galore! Love the Sassafras.

    Steuben County, which is right next door, has more lakes than any other in Indiana. If you want to swim, play in the water, or fish, this is the place. There is state park, but if you give me a holler, I will open the cabin.

    Have fun in the Hoosier State!


    • Thanks Lisa,
      We’re only here for one more day but will try to check out some of the places you recommended. We had lunch at Blue Gate today and you are correct, very good food and nice people.
      Ken and Marilyn

  2. Glad you’re safely through Chicago. Part of my planning skills are centered around avoiding big cities. I’ve just reached the point where I’ll drive 100 miles out of my way to avoid the aggravation. Continued safe travels to you.

    • I agree with you John, avoiding the big cities is a great idea. Also avoiding the really terrible roads is good to. It probably costs more in wear and tear on the equipment then it does for gas to drive around.

  3. Welcome to our world here in Illinois with the poor road conditions. Glad you guys got to blue gate….I am counting down the days until the rally event as I plan to eat at least one or two meals there. If you like popcorn, Yoders Popcorn located just outside of Shipse’ is a great place to stop….good stuff.

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