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Day 20 – Woo Woo, All Aboard

Yesterday we toured around Wisconsin Dells starting at the Mid-Continent Railway Museum. Wow what a wonderful place just outside the tiny town of North Freedom, Wisconsin.

We started our tour by passing this wonderfully restored 1907 American Locomotive #29 on the way to the Coach Shed. Inside there were many beautifully restored cars of all sorts, box cars, passenger cars,  freight cars, cabooses and more.

Around the grounds there was lots to look at and this 1947 Dodge Inspection Car caught our attention.

We signed up for the train ride from the village of North Freedom to Quartzite Lake. This is the train that we rode on.

The locomotive is a diesel electric made by the Whitcomb Locomotive in 1953. Here’s Marilyn riding in our 1917 Pullman passenger car.

Along the way we saw woods, ponds, corn fields and this rather grown over windmill.

We traveled about seven miles and then they decoupled the engine, did a “run around” and reconnected the engine to the caboose. Just by luck Ken got to ride in the cab of the locomotive while they did the “run around”.

The porter would run the switches to get the engine to the other end of the train.

Our engineer and the two porters were really nice people and showed us a great time.

Unfortunately I forgot the name of our engineer but I have to tell you he was very nice!

Here’s a picture of us heading back to the station with the engine connected to the caboose.

After we said our goodbye’s to the crew we stopped for lunch at Carol’s Railroad Inn where they serve very good home style food.

While driving around we stumbled upon this really nice looking old barn.

It’s seen better days but made for a nice picture.

On our way into Wisconsin Dells we saw the home of the original Cow Pie! Baraboo Candy Company has been making chocolate Cow Pies for thirty years. We had to stop and sample their goodies and strike a couple of poses on their cow seats.

We thought about going to Circus World but it was getting a little late for that and we headed to Wisconsin Dells to see Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

I thought this was an interesting picture for obvious reasons. Ripley’s was kind of a joke and we were amazed at the town of Wisconsin Dells as it was a madhouse of people and block after block of cheesy attractions. We felt like we were in one huge carnie. If a family had kids we can see where this would be a fun place but wasn’t really our cup of tea.

After a fun day we returned to the campground and had a quiet evening. Today we have a long drive to Indiana Dunes Campground in Chesterton, Indiana. We’ll only be staying there for one night.


3 Responses

  1. Trip log is great… one question though…. Are you both or either getting homesick or tired of traveling yet? I been where youns are a few times and was just curious, from someone who likes being there but hates getting there… lol.
    Thanks, Betty in Va.

    • Hi Betty,
      We are not getting homesick but Marilyn is really missing our kitty! I this part of the country getting there is no fun at all, I’ll expound in tomorrows blog. The camping part is great though. Glad you and others are enjoying our trip.

  2. You guys are getting to see so much. You have such wonderful pictures to enjoy for many years to come. Thank you for sharing them with all of us. I look forward to each day to see the pictures and see where you are going next. Cheri, Yakima, Washington

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