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Day 19 – Happy To Be In Wisconsin

The answer to yesterday’s questions was correctly answered by Bernie. The number of rows of corn both on a cob and on the Seneca Foods water tower are 16, Good Job!

Yesterday we had a relatively short driving day that took us across the Mighty Mississippi River and into Wisconsin.

It certainly looked full but not as flooded as the Missouri River.

The roads got a lot better after we left Minnesota and our trailer is thanking us for that. If we had to go back across Minnesota to get home I do believe we’d choose a different state. One big change we noticed in the scenery was the farms. In Minnesota all you saw were fields of corn or other crops that went on for miles with no farm houses. Here in Wisconsin the farms are much smaller with beautiful farm houses and silos at each one. Another thing that’s nicer is the rest stops are open 🙂

Another traveling observation is that the traffic is certainly getting heavier. There seems to be a constant flow of cars and trucks passing us now as we drive at a sensible speed between 55 and 65 MPH. We’re sure that will only get worse as we head further east.

We arrived at Stand Rock Campground just outside of Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.

It’s a nice campground that feels more rustic and camping like than we’ve been in for quite a while.

We asked the lady at the desk where the campground got its name and she said from the rock formation, see an example of it in their sign above. We asked where it was and she said two miles up the road. We drove the two miles and turned onto a small road that lead to a small parking lot. There was a path with steps that lead down to a building. Ken checked it out and it was a gift store and they charged three dollars to go see the rocks. Having passed through the Black Hills not to long ago and seeing the Needles and many other fantastic rock formations we opted to save our money and spend it doing laundry the rest of the day. Now had it been a ball of string that would have been well worth the price of admission 😉

The campground has a nice laundromat so we took advantage of it and did three big loads. We now have enough clean clothes for another week or more.

Sorry I don’t have more pictures today but the WiFi is a little weak and slow here, maybe it will be better tomorrow.

Today we plan to see what’s in and around Wisconsin Dells. It will be hot and muggy today so hopefully all the good sights will be inside air conditioned buildings.


3 Responses

  1. As a native Minnesotan, I am very offended by your comments. I really don’t see how you can judge a whole state from the very southern edge that you drove through. That may be true about the part that you saw, but believe me the northern part of the state is totally different. Maybe you should try seeing the rest of the state before you make comments like that. Other than this, I have really enjoyed your commentary. Thank you.

    • Sorry Dan, I didn’t mean to offend at all but just called it like we saw it. The large farm fields were beautiful but surprised at the lack of farm houses. The roads were the worst we’ve been on and with the government being shut down didn’t help things.
      Like Washington State there are two totally different parts of the state, east of the mountains and west. East is aired with few trees and West is luscious with lots of water and trees. It sounds like Minnesota has a big difference between north and south. We may just have to visit Northern Minnesota some day to check it out, thanks for the tip.

  2. While at the Dells, check out The Riverside and Great Northern.

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