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    Ken and Marilyn

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Day 18 – A Real Frog Strangler

The last couple of nights we’ve been awakened around midnight by our NOAA weather alert radio warning us of incoming thunderstorms with heavy rain, possible hail and strong winds. Last night, after we turned off the alert and got back to sleep, “BLAM”, a bolt of lightning light up the campground and not half a second later “KABOOOOM”, thunder. Another minute after that the rain and wind began. It was a real frog strangler! There were some tornado threats around the twin cities but none here in Rochester, MN. The good news is that it has been clearing up in the mornings and have had good travels.

A couple of days ago Robin asked what our mileage was. A lot depends on how hilly or windy it is. The best we’ve done is 10.8 MPG and the worst was 6.7 MPG but on average we’re getting around 8.5 MPG.

Yesterday we drove through lots of farmland growing mostly corn. Mixed in among the corn fields are quite a number of  huge wind farms.

It looks like Minnesota gets a lot of their electricity from the wind. We also noticed that the state government is closed down and all the rest stops are closed.

That is no fun when duty calls and there’s no place to pull into. The good news is that there was no road work going on to slow us down although they sure do need to fix some roads. In Western Montana where the roads were so bad we called them “tooth loosening”. Here in Minnesota the roads are more like a bucking bronco. Coming onto or off of the bridges especially our rig bounces up and down for a quarter mile.

We arrived at Autumn Woods RV Park in Rochester, Minnesota and set up camp.

It’s a lovely RV park that is well maintained. The plan was to tour some of the sights in the area such as the Mayo brothers mansion. Unfortunately, being Sunday, almost everything was closed. We decided to hole up in our air conditioned trailer until dinner time. The temperature was in the high 80’s as well as the humidity. That’s not very conducive to outdoor activities for us cold blooded weather north westerners.

We did see the corn water tower at the Seneca Food plant which is anatomically correct if you can say that about corn.

Today’s question, without going to Google or the internet, how many rows of corn are on a cob?

We had a fine dinner at “300 First” and although the steak was a bit chewy it was very flavorful. We drove around a little bit and looked at some of the gorgeous old homes in town. We also couldn’t believe how huge the Mayo Clinic is. It appears that the whole town is built around this wonderful facility.

When we got home we noticed firefly’s flickering in the brush.

Marilyn had never seen a firefly so was quite a treat for her. Ken and his brother use to catch them in Nebraska and put them in a jar to see how bright it could get. They are hard little guys to get a picture of so this was about the best I could do.

Today we are off to Stand Rock Campground in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin an easy 156 mile drive. We’ll spend two nights there which will be a nice break after three days of one nighters.


6 Responses

  1. I really enjoy following your travels in your RV. You sure seem to be enjoying yourselves . Have a great holiday .
    Your traveloque is very interesting and informative and I love your pictures.

  2. Hi Ken and Marilyn

    Rochester, the town where I grew up, welcome to the Midwest heat and humidity of summer.

    Don’t miss a Walleye Pike fish fry dinner! Best of the lake fishes thereabouts… ask a local but you can try the White Bridge restaurant where the Friday night special all you can eat once was $5!

    Safe travels… oh yeah, number of rows depends on the varietal…

  3. Hello Happy Travelers,
    We have been following your adventures. It’s fun to make your trip with you while we sit with the AC running constantly here in Daytona Beach, FL.
    Now about the fireflies, Marilyn; aren’t they something to see? We both spent most of our lives in Ohio and always waited anxiously for their appearance. Do you know only the males flicker their light to attract the females hiding in the bushes.
    Happy trails to you until your next post!

  4. Average of 16 rows per ear. However many stress factors can change this number.

  5. Glad you stayed safe in minnesota…we had some storms go through the areas we were in last week. I still can’t believe the state is still shut down…going on almost two weeks now.

  6. Marilyn’s sister Sandy says” OOOH! I’m so jealous- I’ve never seen a firelfy!

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