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Day 17 – Now This Is Korny

Yesterday we drove over 250 miles to get to Adrian, Minnesota. It was almost as though we could put the truck on autopilot. Here’s a picture of Jeanine, our navigator, showing us the way.

Ken commented that if this was and old TV screen there would be a line burned up the center of the screen.

Before we go any further though we need to answer yesterdays question about the mystery car. Here are some more pictures of it to help answer the question.


Note the hood ornament.



Note the ornament on the trunk.

Yep there it is a Cadillac DL! Not convinced? Me neither.

Here’s the original picture.

Here’s a picture of an AMC Pacer.

Apparently someone thought it would be fun to replace the Pacer badge with a Cadillac badge. It through me for a loop when I first saw it but since you all didn’t see the badge you weren’t as fooled. Well done to all who guessed AMC Pacer.

Now back to our trip.

We crossed the Mighty Mo and it was overflowing it’s banks.

We’ve seen lots of flooding on our trip and the Missouri river was no exception.

We just couldn’t pass up visiting the Korn Palace in Mitchell, SD.

Ken visited here back in the mid 50’s with his folks. It was a “must see” as Ken’s dad was the manager of the world’s largest pop corn processing plant of the time in North Bend, Nebraska. It was called KORN, Inc. hence the Korn Palace comment. They were not done with this years decorating but here’s the side of the building.

Inside the palace there is even more corn art.

It’s the third Corn Palace the city has build and this one is a great multipurpose building. It was fun to see again and a nice break in our trip. We had lunch and then were off again.

We arrived at the Adrian Municipal Campground and set up camp.


It was quite crowded and spaces were tight.


It’s not really our idea of good camping but it will work for one night. Ken drove into town to get some gas and took this picture of downtown Adrian at 5:00 PM on a Saturday night.

Looks like a hot time in the ol’ town tonight, NOT!

Today we travel across the better part of Minnesota and will be spending the night somewhere near Rochester.





3 Responses

  1. Hope you were able to recover from Saturday night in Adrian. When you reach Rochester you will be due north of my present location in Amana, IA. Safe travels.

  2. I have gotten mails from you as RunnerDuck for a long time, gotten tips, read jokes, and used some recipes. I have now followed you on your trip and am enjoying it immensely. I have been to a lot of the same places, but not all. Thank you for sharing. Have a marvelous time and as many experiences as you can. Stay safe.

  3. I too have gotten the email from RunnerDuck for a long time. I loved reading it. I know it takes a lot of time and work to put into sending those out.. I loved everything about it. I am so glad that Ken is enjoying his retiredment. The trip you have been on is a retiree’s dream. So very happy for you. I have been retired since 2009 and being alone its boring. I am from Yakima, Wa. I was on a 2 wk vacation in Idaho. I had a great time with family. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures you have shared. You always have something written about all of them that makes it of interest…Look forward to seeing more…what great memories you are making for years to come…Enjoy!!

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