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Day 16 – Steady As She Goes

Yesterday we left the beauty of the Black Hills and headed along the Badlands of South Dakota. If you’ve driven through South Dakota on I-90 you know how exciting it can be.

There’s not a whole lot to see or do along the way. We only drove 140 miles but it seemed longer than that. Along the way we stopped in Wall to see Wall Drug but something was going on and the town was full. We drove through and kept on going. Ken had been there back in the mid 50’s and it was really disappointing since it has grown up so much and nothing like the fun stop it use to be.

We arrived at American Campground in Murdo, SD and that’s sort of a disappointment also. While it’s a pretty spot for this area the grounds are poorly kept, there is no cable TV, no WiFi and no sewer hook-up. They have a swimming pool that is half full and looks like it’s all of pond scum, yuck! Also it’s close to the highway so you get that noise to serenade you all night. Other than that it’s OK for a one night stop and about the only game in town.

We went to the Pioneer Automobile Museum in Murdo and had a fun time.

We had lunch in their nice diner which was fixed up like an old 50’s diner. After lunch we toured the grounds which boasts 40 some buildings, 250 cars, miscellaneous tractors and vehicles of all kings. What was interesting was very few of the cars were restored. It’s like they were purchased and parked with nothing being done to them. It made for an interesting way to view them. Here are some of the vehicles we saw.

This all wood car was quite amazing and had two V8 engines in it.

Ken thinks he may have stopped by this museum not too long after it was opened in 1954. He would have been traveling with his folks in a 1948 Hudson very similar to this one.

They have a couple of motorhomes that were in poor condition but interesting to look at. This 1929 Ford could have been fun.

This one I’m not sure of the year (1921?) or make but it traveled around the world.

I do believe it’s traveling days are over.

They also had a model of Ken’s band, The Tempos, but unfortunately it wasn’t working.

See Ken back there on the drums?

And just in case there ever was any doubt about the demise of Elvis, here’s proof positive that he’s still around singing “Love Me Tender” to Marilyn!

While the big ball of string is still illusive we did find the “Two Headed Calf”.

And now we have a question for you, what is this car?

If you think you know drop us a line in the comments below. We’ll let you know who the winner is tomorrow. No prize just fun 😉

Well that’s about all my little 3G cell phone WiFi Hot-Spot can handle so we’ll hang up for today and press onward to Adrian, Minnesota almost 250 miles away and a lot more of the roads you see above. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that it’s starting to get hot, into the mid 90’s, ouch!


7 Responses

  1. Hi all, really enjoying your posts. That car looks sort of like an AMC Pacer, but, the grill and bumper looks different from the pix I could find. Looking forward to tomorrow to find out.

  2. Yes, Rambler came to my mind, but I think Jim got it right. Pics are great, have you mentioned your gas mileage yet?


  3. It looks like an AMC Pacer.

  4. That little jewel is a PACER! We test drove one when they first came out but we were young married’s & poor so we couldn’t afford to get one.
    We have enjoyed your picture tour!


  5. The mystery car is either the Pacer or the Gremlin by AMC, if I’m not mistaken.

  6. I think it is an AMC Pacer

  7. Looks like an AMC Pacer to me, also.

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