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Day 15 – Painted Buffalo

Yesterday we hung around Custer, SD to give our pickup a rest. Our first stop of the day was at the National Museum of Woodcarving.

With Ken being a woodworker this was a must see. Dr. Harley Niblack spent a lifetime carving things and the museum shows his collection as well as other artist’s carvings. Woodcarving comes in many forms from fine art to whimsical and we’d say that Harley’s work leaned more toward the later.

Here’s a dentist pulling a tooth.

A barber.

Another barber.

And a self portrait by Harley Niblack.

They also have a demonstration area where carvers from around the country are there daily to demonstrate their craft.

Many of Harley’s carved scenes are animated and are fun to watch all the different little things move. They have a wonderful gift shop with many fine wood carvings from local carvers as well as carvers from around the country. If you like woodcarvings you’ll love this place.

Next on the agenda was the 1881 Custer County Courthouse Museum.

It’s a beautifully restored building and full of  artifacts of the area from the time before the white man to more recent items including an original Apple computer. The displays were very well done with lots to look at. This wall of tools was especially interesting to Ken.

One room was made up like you might see in a nice home in the late 1800’s.

This display of an old livery was very nice as well.

And just so people don’t think that the folks in South Dakota are a bunch of illiterate cowboys they had this.

Actually I threw this one in for our brother-in-law Steve who enjoys poetry.

This is one of the finest small town museums we’ve seen and with three stories of displays it’s quite impressive.

Seeing all that old stuff made us hungry and it was time for lunch. We found a nice restaurant where Ken tried the local buffalo burger and a bottle of Tommy Knocker  Butt Head beer.

By golly it was a pretty good dark lager beer that was from Idaho Springs, Colorado. After lunch we looked at some of the painted buffalo that were on display around the town.

Every year local artists and artists from surrounding areas enter art pieces for the Custer Stampede Buffalo Art Auction that will be auctioned off to help support the local arts. There are three categories, large buffalo, small buffalo and “other” which includes paintings, carvings and other art forms. We especially liked the painting of Custer on this buffalo by Karen Cade from Colorado.

Today we are heading further east and will be staying one night in Murdo, South Dakota. The internet may be spotty there but will try to post today’s adventure tomorrow morning.


3 Responses

  1. Be sure and see the 50’s diner and car museum in Murdo and keep enjoying the good life.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. I also am a woodworker. I do some carving but mostly I do live edge/ bark inclusion furniture. I love seeing other crafters work. The painted buffalo are awesome. You took me somewhere I probably will never travel and I thank you. God Bless and be safe in your travels. Sally Brown, Persimmon Ridge

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