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    Ken and Marilyn

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Day 8 – The Miracle of Cell Phones

Yesterday morning we awoke to a pretty sunrise.

It was 52 degrees F and calm. The overnight storms seem to have missed us. After a leisurely get up we tore down camp and prepared for more of our trip east through Montana. As we were about to leave Ken noticed this rainbow and had to take a picture.

We had an uneventful trip with beautiful weather and a nice breeze on our tail. About thirty miles from our destination the cell phone went off. It was Spring Creek Campground and Trout Ranch calling to say that they are being flooded out, evicting everyone and closing the camp. They were sending everyone to a KOA campground ten miles further east. We figured that would be a madhouse so we asked about other nice campgrounds in the area. They said that there was a nice campground in Livingston, MT called Osen’s RV Park and Campground and it was about thirty miles away at exit 333 on I-90. We thought she meant thirty miles past them but as we looked up there was a sign saying “Osen’s” and exit 333. We were traveling around sixty miles per hour and really had to hit the binders to get our big rig slowed down for the 25 MPH exit, eeh ha!

We were looking forward to Spring Creek because we wanted to see what all goes on at a Trout Ranch, trout roping, bucking trout riding, trout barrel races? When we were signing into the office we found out that the owners of Osen’s previously owned Spring Creek. They got a call from them and wanted to know what’s the best way to sandbag for the flood. They also said that the flood waters had reached the trout ponds and all the trout were swimming away. We feel so sorry for them with the big Fourth of July weekend coming up. It will be a huge loss for them.

Fortunately Osen’s had a nice spot for us. We set up camp and called it a day.

It’s a nice quiet place and not too far from Livingston. There’s not a lot to do around here but just relaxing sounds really good to us. We sat up our lawn chairs, made a mocha and sat down to relax. That’s when we noticed something in the sky that looked very similar to the night before.

About ten minutes later the skies opened up and we have very large rain drops and some small hail. The good news is that it only lasted about fifteen minutes and it got nice again. They sure do have some fickle weather here in Montana.

Next the old couple that pulled in next to us were setting up their trailer when we heard an ominous crunch! Ken went over to see what happened and as the old man was cranking up his front corner jack the trailer rolled forward and crunched the jack. I helped him get things straightened out but the jack was toast. The accident also managed to cut his cable that connects the trailer lights and breaks to the truck. At least we got the trailer level and stabilized for the the night and tomorrow he’ll head into town to see if he can find the parts to fix it.

It seems that there is always something exciting going on out here on the road. Not unlike my friend John, http://travlinwithjohn.blogspot.com/, we really are enjoying the “Good Life”!

Today there is supposed to be a huge craft fair in Livingston. We’ll make our way into town to check it out along with a museum.


5 Responses

  1. It sounds like you are seeing so much and having a great time. I love hearing about your trip along the way. Thank you for the updates..Cheri

  2. If you weren’t heading to us tomorrow, I would recommend that you head south of Livingston about 30 minutes and check out Chico Hot Springs. Great restaurant and hot spring pool.

  3. Marilyn and Ken- we are enjoying the blog, makes us think we are kind of “on vacation”. You’ll be happy to know that your weather there is still better than the weather on your little island at home. Continued safe journeys, we’ll be watching!
    Steve and Sandy

    • Thanks Steve and Sandy, we check the weather at home every day and it looks like you still need parkas to stay warm. It is nice to be in warmer country even if we do have the occasional rain squall come through.

  4. Hi Ken and Marilyn,
    Youns are doing great…Sounds very enjoyable.. I was wondering if there is a place I can go to get the first 3 trip logs… I don’t know what I did with them… duh, but can’t find them. Might be cause we had a death in the family in Ohio and I was not quite, and still, thinking right and might of deleted them and I so wanted to have the whole trip story..
    Let me know, ok? Love and Safe and Fun Travels to you.
    Best Regards, Betty Hopkins in Va. bjhopkins@verizon.net

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