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Day 7 – More Montana

Yesterday we awoke to a beautiful day and packed things up for some more Montana travel east. Our tip took us to Anaconda, MT where we’ll be staying at the Fairmont RV Park for two nights.

The person that said the roads would get better as we head east was right. All accept for the approach to bridges and the exit off bridges, for some reason they are really rough. We also ran into a long stretch of road that was narrowed down to one lane each direction due to road work but the traffic was light so no problem. We always stop every couple of hours to stretch our legs and have some coffee. This rest stop was about half way to our destination.

As you can see it was a pretty nice day but it did warm up into the 80’s. Along the way we decided to stop and see the Old Montana Prison in Deer Lodge, MT.

It was built in 1871 and continued operation until 1979. It was an interesting place although a tiny bit unnerving seeing all the prison cells.

There are several museums on and around the grounds but we opted to see only the prison and the automobile collection.

You begin the tour with a really nice replica of a 1889 Benz and a blacksmith shop. From there it sort of went downhill due to the dense packing of all the cars. There are approximately 150 fine cars but they were all parked about six inches apart. After having been to the Blackhawk Automobile Museum near Ken’s sisters house in Dublin, CA most car museum’s are a let down and this was no exception.

They did have a neat pop-up camper trailer quite similar to one that Ken’s dad built back in the early 1950’s.

As you can see things were really crowded.

We arrived at the campground around 3:00 and the people running the place were very nice. Unfortunately our spot does not have any trees for shade but it is an easy pull through.

Just as we were setting up camp Ken noticed the sky taking on an ominous appearance.

The wind was starting to pick up and it continued to get darker and darker. All of a sudden the temperature dropped, the winds increased and the skies opened up.


The good news is that we had completed setting up and just sat back and enjoyed the show as it was a real Midwestern “frog strangler”. We’ll Marilyn didn’t care for the trailer rocking in the wind but me being an old Nebraska boy, I rather enjoyed it.

We were going to BBQ a nice juicy steak but decided standing outside with lightning all around wasn’t the best plan. Once the storm slowed down we headed for Anaconda to find some dinner. We ended up at the Barclay II restaurant and enjoyed one of the best stakes we’ve ever had. If you are ever near Anaconda we’d highly recommend this place.

The weather stayed calm the rest of the night and we got a good nights sleep. Today we will do some sightseeing around the area to see what it has to offer.


One Response

  1. Well, no ball of string yet, but that was a mighty fine stack of antlers. So youns dun good…. Let me know when youns start gettin homesick…lol
    Sure hope you don’t… have a good time, enjoy it.. life it so short and we don’t get to enjoy it when we are more able to physically, so many times… so I am living this adventure with and through you and your pictures and stories… saving them all… now go find that string.. :o)

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