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Day 6 – Bison, Big Bison

This morning we woke to thunder and rain and 50 degrees F. We’re not sure how long it will last but it’s starting out that way.

Yesterday it reached 85 degrees F so quite a change. I the morning Ken went for a walk and spotted a white tail deer that was some distance away.

See her way back in the middle? Here maybe this will help.

This was taken from the same spot, I sure do like that little Canon SX30IS. The picture is a little grainy due to low light.

We went to the National Bison Range in Moiese, MT and got to see lots of wildlife.

The views around the area are spectacular and we can see why Montana is called “Big Sky Country”. They have a beautiful visitors center staffed with friendly people and stuffed with many local animals.

There are several roads you can take around the range and we opted for the long one which is about 1 1/2 – 2 hours long traveling at 10 MPH.

The road is sort of dusty and rough with lots of ups and downs and hairpin turns but well worth it. Here area some of the critters we saw along the way.

This black bear looked like a grizzly bear at first but it’s just a really light colored black bear. It was a long ways away and not too many people saw it.

This is a Pronghorn Antelope and was really pretty. While you  can’t see it in this picture his antlers grew toward the center forming a heart.

And of course there were Bison.

While we saw several small herds this was the largest.

This big bison didn’t like us slowing down to take pictures of the baby and started coming toward our truck. We slowly moved on down the road.

I just had to include this picture of the baby bison nursing.

While we have yet to find the elusive big ball of string we did find a big pile of antlers.

This was in front of the visitors center. We’ll keep looking for that string ball.

Today it’s off to Fairmont RV Park and Campground in Anaconda, MT, about 180 miles. Rumor has it that I-90 starts to get better as we head east. We’re glad to hear that as our teeth were starting to loosen up 😉


5 Responses

  1. Love the pictures Ken.

  2. Awesome journey….thanks for sharing your pics:-)

  3. Best steak ever in anaconda is at barclays. A local told me so.

    • So right you are, we ate there last night, Marilyn had a T-Bone and I had a Porterhouse and both were the best steaks we’ve ever had. Perfectly cooked and very tender, also great flavor.

      • that’s great!! I think my message was sent a little too late, so quite a coincidence that you ended up there!! glad you enjoyed it!! sounds like your roadtrip is going great so far!!

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