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    Ken and Marilyn

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Day 3 – We’re Camping!

Yesterday we awoke to a beautiful sunny, 50 degree morning and Ken went for his morning walk. Moses Lake was beautiful in the morning sunshine.

I also noticed that I appear to have grown a few feet after our first day of driving.

Yesterday was another travel day with not a whole lot to see. We went from Moses Lake, WA to the Thousand Trails Campground in Newport, WA. It was only 152 miles and with another tail wind it was a pretty easy drive. There was not a lot to see along the way as you may know if you’ve ever drive through Eastern Washington.

We arrived at Thousand Trials Campground near Newport, WA around noon and set up camp.

It’s a lovely site situated deep in the woods. For large rig RV camping this is about as far off the beaten path as it gets. We have power and water and a good supply of motor bikes and quads running around. Apparently this is a popular area for that sort of sport. The good news is that they seem to shut them down around 10:00PM.

I appears that Big Foot frequents this campground and they have picnic tables built just especially for the big fellow.

I’m not sure we’ll be climbing up on these for dinner 😉

We drove 40 some miles into Spokane and visited a dear old friend of Marilyn’s. Unfortunately she has recently had a stroke and the visit was difficult at best. It was great to see her and we’ll stop by again in a couple of months on our way home.

After our visit we drove 50 miles to Newport and had dinner at a very old family dinning restaurant situated right on Priest River. Ken had a real “Blue Plate Dinner” of chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy. The steak had to have been 10″ in diameter, WOW!

A short twelve mile drive back to camp and we called it a day.

Today we are planing to do nothing but relax. There are several activities to do around the camp so we’ll check them out and just enjoy the day.


3 Responses

  1. Your trips like so much fun and very relaxing…Glad you are enjoying it..Thanks for the update..Cheri

  2. It looks like Ken and Marilyn are off to a good start. I’m just wondering what kind of magic they are using to drive 50 miles to dinner then only have to drive back 12 to go to bed. Ken must be a wizard, I know he is with wood. LOL
    Travel safe you two.

    • Bill, Here’s the math, fifty miles to Spokane to visit friend, forty miles to dinner which is only twelve miles from camp. Now if only we did have some kind of magic to zap ourselves from place to place instead of driving 102 miles.

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