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Day 1 – And Away We Go

As you are well aware we’ve been off line for a while busy enjoying retirement. It’s truly amazing how busy you can get, it seems we had more time when Ken was working for a living. We’re not complaining just making a comment while enjoying the good life.

One thing that we’ve been working hard on is getting our 5th wheel trailer ready for a trip across the country and back. We are leaving this morning on a 6,600 mile trip that will go from our home on Whidbey Island to Harrisburg, PA, Manasses, VA, Branson, MO, North Bend, NE, where Ken was raised, and back home. The whole adventure will take 50 days. We’re limited to that by the fact that Marilyn’s sister Susie is house sitting for us and being a school teacher she is only available for that period of time. It will be a whirlwind tour but fun just the same.

Vacation 2011


We’ll be updating our travels as often as we can, WiFi permitting. We have several options with WiFi available at some of the campgrounds and I have Hot-Spot on my DroidX that works like a modem.

We are planning on taking it nice and easy traveling only about 200 miles a day. That should allow for an easy get up and go as well as some sightseeing along the way. You just never know when you might find the world’s largest ball of string 😉

First stop will be Moses Lake, WA where we’ll only be staying one night. It will give us an opportunity to practice our set-up and tear-down skills.

We hope you enjoy our little tip and we look forward to sharing it with you.


8 Responses

  1. Have a great trip, and stick this song in your iPod for the trip:


  2. Happy and safe travels. Enjoy the trip.

  3. So good to hear from youns… Miss the Runnerduck Review….
    My husband Doug and I did a cross country trip twice, .. in 1996 did the southern route from Va. to Calif. and back and then did it again several years later taking the northern routes… We did it in our RV the second time and rented cars as needed. If you haven’t been to Yellow Stone, you will want a whole day in there. Camera or Camcorder a must. Also try to see Crazy Horse Mountain, it is near Mt. Rushmore and we think is better than Rushmore. And also try to see Devils Tower in Wyoming. It was great to see and walk around.
    Hope youns have a great trip and find that ball of string too..
    God Bless and Safe Travels. There is so much to see in this wonderful Country of ours, so just take time and enjoy.
    Best Regards, Betty in Va., U.S.A.

    • Hi Betty, yep its been a long time. We will be in Manasses, VA during our trip but only for two days. don’t know if that’s anywhere near yous guys or not. I still have your travelogue posted on my web site 😉

  4. Will you be back for the Coupeville Arts and Crafts Festival? I will be there and am hoping to meet you both.

    Have a great time and return Happy Tired and Safe.


  5. I have missed your emails. I hope you enjoy your trip. It sounds like great fun. Drive careful and will enjoy hearing a update when you have the time. Bye from Wa state too….

  6. way to go Dad!! glad you decided to blog your trip 🙂

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